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Life is good-- so good, in fact, I've been meaning to update for days and I've been too busy to do so! I'm afraid this will have to be a sketchy one-- I'm tired, and [ profile] nalroth has already chided me for staying up late. So, I'll spare you guys the epic novel and give you bits and peices.

[ profile] d1ucb4u and Pete are so awesome!! I was supposed to go visit them over Christmas break, but didn't (I'm a horrible, horrible person!)-- and so what do they do? They mail me Christmas presents they didn't have to get me in the first place! No fair, I reply, as their presents from me are far too fragile to mail. I can now sip my coffee in style, and I have the cutest little KrisMoose beanie-baby type thing to keep me feelin' the Christmas cheer all year long! Oh!! In addition came a burned CD with two media files I'd lost on Fizzgig-- one of which is the source for my new icon. It's here-- audio is a must!! It takes a little while to load, but it's well worth it.

Oh! In other news, classes are going fairly well. I'm so excited about Raptor Biology-- in fact you'll probably be bombarded with little factlets here and there for the next ten weeks or so. ;) Isotope Geochemistry is promising, but still a little droll. Not nearly as droll as my Stratigraphic Processes class, though-- especially since the material has nothing to do with stratigraphy as far as I can tell. e__e

Double-Oh! In other news-- after going to my Raptor Bio professor's office hours I learned of an informational meeting tonight at the local raptor rehabilitation center. I succesfully navigated my way past trains, over shaky terrain, and through the pitch-black of night to make it to the volunteer info session-- and have committed to volunteering at least four hours a week for the next quarter! The head honcho seems pretty neat-- he's gruff, and no-nonsense, but he also has a quiet charisma that makes you respect him for it. Hopefully he'll be able to schedule me in-- I really only have Wednesday open for volunteering. If all goes well I may start handling large birds of prey next week! Squeeeeeeeeee~! [ profile] zhai, are you sure you don't want to move to Davis? :>

Anywho, hope everyone has a safe Friday the 13th-- first one of 2006!

Home again

Jan. 9th, 2006 07:27 pm
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Back, safe and sound and mostly in one peice, in Davis. The usual funk resulting from leaving [ profile] nalroth's side is currently compounded by a nasty, unidentified illness that is busy slamming me into a wall. =__= Luckily (or, perhaps, unluckily) it seems to be containing itself in my head and upper chest. My nose and throat are sore, but what's really bothersome are my ears and my upper chest (which ache). I was hoping it was just exhaustion, and that sleeping and drinking lots of water would make me feel better.. so far no good, so if things don't shape up tomorrow it's off to the student health center. :P I hate going to the doctor's. >__<

Despite the physical/emotional distress, today was fairly good. I started off feeling rather overwhelmed, but I knocked some things off the list which just about instantly made me feel better. I'm still trying to figure out my class list-- right now I'm taking a writing seminar (Gel 298), a geochemistry seminar (Gel 206), a geochemistry class (Gel 146), and a class on raptor biology (AVS 115). I may or may not pick up another class on phylogeny (bleargh)-- it depends on whether or not there's a schedule conflict and if I've got workload issues.

I also chatted with Motani-san today-- I'm going to try and chat with him every few days or so, or at least once a week. Communicating with your advisor is a good thing, boys and girls. ;) Not only does it mean you get advice and direction, but it makes sure you don't just slack off. Tentative plans for using x-ray cinematography seem to be stalled, perhaps permanently-- the level of irradiation the animal subjects would experience means they'd have to be euthanized. As interesting and useful as it would be to have the kind of information that type of equipment can give, I have a hard time justifying the destruction of innocent animals for the sole purpose of my research. Motani-san and I will be putting our heads together and trying to think of alternative ways to record bone movement in living animals-- stay tuned. ;)

Oof. I'm getting all sleepy and fuzzy-headed.. I'd best get started on the homework (it's second week, and we've got homework already??) due tomorrow and then get as much sleep as I can. Hope everyone's having fun!! Especially all my new friends on the EC. ;D


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