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Lots going on, but I'm barely taking notice of any of it-- I've reached this kind of zoned-out groove where I move from thing to thing kind of in a daze. I enjoy the thing in particular, and just kind of make my way in a very spacey fashion to the next. Perhaps this is my adaptive strategy for having So Much To Do. Case in point, my schedule for the past few weeks:

August 2-3: Drive to Princeton, North Carolina for [ profile] nalroth's family reunion.
August 4-8: Commute 2.5 hours a day, add in such necessities as cooking and food shopping, Belly dancing, an early-morning doctor's appointment, tasting with the Caterer out in Casanova, and then fly to San Diego.
August 9-10: Help out with friend's wedding (yaaaay!), get back to the hotel room at approximately 1:30 am after cleaning up, promptly leave hotel at 3:45 am to get to the airport and through security for my 6:00 am flight. Spend all day traveling due to various delays, get home at 5:30 pm.

This Saturday will be jam-packed... Meeting up with [ profile] girlie47 at 8:30, meeting with the florist at 9:30, final dress-fitting at 11:00, lunch, picking up my freshly-engraved wedding ring soon after, and then collecting (and maybe shipping) the bridesmaids dresses, followed by a lovely evening of cake-tasting and games with [ profile] satanya. Had to move the hair and make-up trial to Sunday morning to make up for that... and then next weekend is the bachelorette party! No sleepies for me.

And on top of all this has been just enough mental awareness for me to start pondering my next step in life. As per my last poll-post, I'm thinking of teaching. This probably means I'll be pursuing my Masters, just for flexibility's sake. I was looking into just straight-bio classes, but after a quick chat with the lovely [ profile] paleotheist, I'm very, very tempted to try to get back into Paleo (incidentally, it turns out Tom Holtz's research interests are exactly the same as mine, just for dinosaurs). Chances are I'll spend part of my honeymoon poring over research papers in preparation for contacting him.


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