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So much going on-- I'm re-invading the East Coast from February 16-21 for Katsucon. Okay, really, the con is just an excuse to snuggle with my beloved [ profile] nalroth and enjoy the all-too-awesome company of Mr. and Mrs. [ profile] tikal for a weekend.

I'm sick as a dog right now-- there's this really virulent flu going about, and there's currently a contest going on to see who can hack up a lung first among myself and my 8 officemates. I hope to be past the 'contagious' stage before I invade the house of [ profile] safetypup.

And, perhaps the coolest of all things-- after lots of research and advice from such esteemable experts as [ profile] leesalogic, [ profile] blueangelrock, etc-- I'm no longer alone in my apartment! Meet Basil and Hobbes (named after the philosopher, not the cute stuffed tiger)! I originally had Locke (a sweet little agouti-fur) and Hobbes, but Locke was sneezing and wheezing within five minutes of getting home-- so back to MegaPetStore with him, and off to the local petstore I got Hobbes at the next day for Basil, who is actually [ profile] nalroth's rat. When I went back to pick up one of Hobbes' brothers, I asked [ profile] nalroth which one to pick-- he suggested picking up a curly haired one, and I immediately knew (from three days of casing the local pet stores) which one I'd choose. Anyway, enough blathering-- onto the pictures!

Basil is one of those curly-furred types, which makes him a little softer overall-- and gives him the most adorable curly whiskers!!

Hobbes is a little smaller than his brother, and much more quiet in disposition. Both he and Basil have white bellies and socks on all their feet.

More pictures here! )


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