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May. 21st, 2006 08:03 pm
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Just a random little update... Just got back from dinner and Coldstone's with my beloved [ profile] nalroth and the ever-awesome [ profile] jakethrash. I am sufficiently stuffed. Really, I'm overstuffed-- I've been itching to start hitting the gym with [ profile] nalroth, but what with his upcoming surgery it really doesn't make sense to start now. Best to wait 'till I return from China.

Anyway, life is... life. Rather more peaceful than it's been (thankfully!). My first week at Best Buy went well-- I earned a name tag, but I'm still a ways off from earning my blue shirt. I do wish I'd gotten a little more training on product specifications.. mostly it's just been whatever I could glean from the specs or from other more experienced employees. The fact that I've been left mostly to my own devices makes me a bit nervous-- I really do want to make sure I suggest the right product, not just the one that costs the most. :P But, other than that-- my coworkers on a whole are awesome. People in the computer department tend to be awesome in general, plus I lucked out and got a very awesome (if detail-oriented) supervisor. The people I've met from other departments have all been pretty awesome, too-- with the exception of one or two who are too cool for school. e__e

Other than that, I mentioned China. Finally got some coordination nad planning done-- turns out I'll be in China from June 16-June 23. Unfortunately, no expedition for me-- my advisor thought I wasn't interested, and so my name didn't get put on any of the paperwork. I'm only slightly disappointed-- turns out they were going to spend a month in the field... As interesting as that would have been, I don't think: a) I would have been happy with that much time away from [ profile] nalroth, and b) I could have gotten that much time off of work. I'm now trying to figure out if I can get enough time off work to go to Anime Expo with [ profile] definexistance and [ profile] blueangelrock. :P

On a more introspective level... lots of slowly revealing realizations. [ profile] nalroth, in addition to being an amazing mate and overall person in general, also is amazingly helpful in areas of self-introspection and life-searching. I really am so lucky that not only is he my friend, but that he loves me. It's an amazing gift.

And on that touchy-feely note.. off to bed, and cuddles with my love! Work tomorrow.. :P ;) On a last random note, though-- don't know why, but the Mudslide I had last night really knocked me out.. Even though I only had a few sips! Sorry for the total lame sudden disappearance. :P
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Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything of substance. Perhaps because I feel there's little substance to my life right now? Mmm, probably.

Wow, this turned out rather long... )
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Okay, so... Summary of the past few days:

*I hate funerals.
*I like funeral receptions that feel more like family reunions.
*I have my new laptop (dubbed Apollo).
*I'm back in Davis, and heartily approve of both John Wayne and Sacramento Airports (the two I'll be using most to travel, while my parents are in Mission Viejo).
*I returned home to an ant invasion of epic proportions.
*I don't like getting weird looks from my roomies when I return from a normal grocery store rather than the organic co-op.
*I have about two weeks 'till school starts, and yet already feel behind.
*I dislike whacking various body parts on the ceiling when I roll over in my loft bed.

And, randomly ganked from [ profile] illucian: This egg hatches on September 25, 2005! Adopt one today!

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