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We were at the mall, [ profile] nalroth and I-- just up the street, on a spur-of-the-moment Coldstone run. Why did we go? We both felt the oddness, the heaviness in the air-- with the windows rolled down, open to the rising winds of the incoming storm. We laughed and shrugged our nervousness off, smiling a little harder, turning the radio up a little louder.

We got there, ordered our ice cream, smiled graciously at the new girl who thought 'mixing' in the toppings meant making an ice-cream taco around the brownies and scooping the whole mess into a plastic cup. We were wandering over to Hot Topic when the screaming started. [ profile] nalroth and I dashed to the railing, peered down from the second story onto the chaos erupting below us. There were dozens-- some the shambling, grotesque facsimiles of human life of old-time horror, but the others... the others, either with their screaming howls or their lips curled and fixed in silent rage, raced and chased their prey, leaping and snarling and ripping... My mind broke, for just a second, at the shock of sudden, impossible horror-- all I could do is stare with wide, rabbit eyes. [ profile] nalroth grabbed me, yanked me away, and my body followed numbly as my mind kept repeating "Oh my god, Oh my god, oh my GOD!", building it into a screaming crescendo in my head.

The icy chill of the raging thunderstorm, a shock after the humid heat of the day, shocked me enough to my senses that I managed to see it, just a few moments before we would have barreled into it... crouched over the limp body of some woman, the spring green and white of her dress stained, ripped, dripping with blood... We splashed a wide circle around them, and managed to dive into my car, Delilah. The sound of the engine was enough to gather attention, though, and as [ profile] nalroth slammed his foot on the gas, there were figures coming at us through the darkening rain... All I could do is clutch at my seat and stiffen in fear, as [ profile] nalroth spun the steering wheel, jerking madly left and right-- the car shaking and rocking as they threw themselves against it-- and swerving once to get around a screaming couple.

We're home, now-- we've barricaded ourselves with the neighbors upstairs, the assistant Sheriff and his wife and little one. The cats hiss at the doors occassionally, and that's when we know to be quiet, and we hold our bats and guns a little tighter...

I had to write this down-- I had to write it, to make sure other people know what happened.. And I had to write it, because whenever I close my eyes I can still hear the screams...

Note: In case anyone's still the least bit confused, this is a hoax. ;)


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