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Life is an interesting, fragile, crazy, topsy-turvy thing. Not unlike one of those rickety rides from the travelling carnivals-- where you have no idea if the clanking noise and somewhat shaky instability are supposed to be key elements. But you ride it anyway, and hope that the cotton candy and deep-fried greasy mystery meat surprise you just had doesn't go flying into someone else's face.

... wait, that somehow got totally off topic. ;)

Now that I'm six weeks into my vet. tech position I'm beginning to strike a rhythm. I can handle most of the common things, like the preliminary physical exams, drawing vaccines, talking to clients, running bloodwork, prepping anesthesia carts, etc. But every time I think I'm getting the hang of it, something else will happen, and I'll be reminded (sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully) of how much of a noob I am. Luckily, I think the worst thing I've done is forget to double-wrap a surgical pack, which means we just had to be more careful about opening and arranging instruments before a surgery. I've also been really lucky in that the Fairlakes Banfield crew has taken a special interest in me-- and since Chantilly gets to see one or two patients a day, they usually ask me to come over during the latter half of my shift so they can tutor me and teach me in a more high-volume hospital. I'm also really lucky in that all the staff there is very understanding of the fact that I know nothing other than what I pick up along the road here, and have taken me under their wings. Which is fascinating, because I'd heard a lot of... mm... intimidating things about the personalities there, none of which have really appeared around me. There's definitely a difference when you're around seasoned professionals, all of which have over a decade of experience in the field, as compared to my Chantilly crew, comprised of completely green recruits save for Dr. B.

But, even with the improvement in my performance (and related proportional decrease in stress), I'm still not too sure this is the profession I want to stay with. The schedule, for one thing, is grueling-- 9-10 hours a day, with about half the days being too busy to take any kind of lunch break. Not having two days off in a row is really wearing me out. And I've never been too fond of working on Saturdays. So, though I'll continue to give Banfield my best, I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for job opportunities. The problem is-- I have no idea what I want to do.

At which point I LJ cut to keep the spam down )

Now, I'm completely lost as to what to do with life. I no longer have the direction from my parents, or from 'society' (do good in highschool so you can get into a good college; do good in college so you can get a good job), and I never really spoke to any Guidance people in college, as I just assumed I'd continue in academia. So, with this invisible clock ticking in my head, I'm getting more and more worried about finding a profession I can really sink my teeth into. All the academic positions around here require a Masters at least, and I think I'm still too burned out to go back into school (and that's assuming I find a program close that I like!). Even with all the governmental branches that deal with Biology (EPA, USGS, etc), there are no entry-level open positions with any of them-- nor have there been for the last year. I'm not a very good lab rat-- I'm much better at research, or synthesis of data. Veterinary work, though lightyears better than retail, still doesn't seem to be what I want. I'm not sure my skills are honed enough to try the graphic design/animator route (though I am looking into teaching myself the basics of Maya or Blender-- thanks to [ profile] disoculated's suggestion). With so many computer savvy friends, I've been thinking of picking up one of [ profile] nalroth's code books and seeing if maybe I could try my hand at programming or something similar. Aiyah.

How did you guys find your chosen professions? And any suggestions for a silly thing like me?


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