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So, for those of you who'd like to join [ profile] nalroth and I in our craziness, here's a general game plan for the weekend.

[ profile] nalroth and I will be buying supplies (including the food kind!), clearing up some room, and will do as much cleaning and straightening as we can.

The morning will be spent doing whatever last-minute things need to be done, and getting everything as progressed as possible before people show up. Doors will open to the general public at 12:00 pm, at which point in time you are all free to laugh and mock us endlessly for whatever embarrassing crap we haven't stowed away yet. I'm guessing we'll order pizza around 4:00 pm, and we'll wrap things up whenever.
Goals: Master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bathroom cleared, taped, tarped, and primed. Anyone with an overwhelming desire to move cumbersome objects, remove outlets/blinds/mirrors from their attachments, go crazy with spackle, etc, will be particularly welcome. :)

Doors will likely open at 10:00 am, though this may be dependent on how the previous evening goes. Fooding will likely occur early-mid afternoon.
Goals: Master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bathroom painted! This, of course, requires that we finish everything we needed to the day before. n__n;;


As a note, we'd love to see anybody at (nearly) any point this weekend, for whatever amount of time you feel like being here. Sadly, however, since our place is rather small and will be crowded with displaced furniture, boxes, cats, teddy bear collections, etc, we'll probably only have just enough room for working bodies--this is probably not a great time for observers and the generally curious to come by. [ profile] nalroth and I will arrange some other, here-to-fore unspecified event so that everyone who wants to see our place, molest our kitties, jam on our plastic instrument-shaped controllers, or just hang out, can.
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