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Look, I made a shiny.

Warning: It's a huuuuuuuuuuginormous pdf.
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My boss attended a conference in France, and asked me to research a few details regarding it. Thumbing through the conference program, I find this. Good God, I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face.
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So, The Encyclopedia of Life has a video nominated on the Webbys-- it's an *awesome* video, and everyone should go watch it, even if they don't want to vote for it.
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I live! No, really-- I have a life, and it's keeping me from doing all the fun things (like updating livejournal) 'cause I'm too busy to do more than work, eat and sleep.

For those who haven't heard through the grapevine-- I have gained Certified Grown-Up Adult Status (you should see my new wardrobe) via my new position as program assitant for CBOL, which has been dragging me out of bed before 6 am and tacked on two hours of commute time a day for the past (going on) 3 weeks. Woo! I'm not doing anything too spiffy-- no science myself, you see. But so far my rather unique blend of knowledge and experience has made me pretty handy around the office. I am now the Photoshop/Dreamweave/"Hey, Kris, can you get this thing to turn out how I want?" Guru for at least one of my coworkers. I'm now responsible for redesigning and managing one of their websites (though, thankfully, I'm not going to have to do the technical stuff-- we have webmonkeys in Australia for that!), developing lab protocols and manuals which will be the source for barcoding techniques, and my copy-editing skills are quickly polishing themselves back up.

Way fun-- but in other news, who wants to subject themselves to 10,000 BC with me this weekend? :D C'mon, it's got large charismatic megafauna!


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