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Oct. 3rd, 2008 08:06 am
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Teaser trailer for Eli's pictures.. I can't wait to see all of them!
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Hi everyone-- [ profile] nalroth and I have a neat idea for the wedding, but could use your help. If you have any awesome pictures of the two of us, could you send them our way? Perhaps comment here with a link, or shoot it to e-mail?

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Brief Update: Wedding Ring Workshop was awesome! Will update later with pictures and full step-by-step commentary.

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Phew! Finally starting to make some headway on wedding planning, and the first few tickles of real excitement are working their way through the sheer bulk of crap to get done. Eeeeee~! I'm getting married!

Thursday was bridesmaid's dress shopping with [ profile] girlie47, Saturday was an hour and a half long battle planning consultation with the florist. Probably the most exciting development to come out of that was the nailing-down of wedding colors, which lead to my finally making a decision about bridesmaid's dresses. Sunday was filling out all sorts of forms for quotes for DJs (can't we just do an iPod wedding?).

Yesterday was getting in contact with Caterer #2 (and discovering that their proposals were several thousand dollars less than our previous catering choice, though still far above what we'd budgeted) and setting up our tasting for Thursday (woo, free food!) and also tracking down our photographer for an engagement session appointment. Tomorrow will be ordering of the bridesmaids dresses and a brief respite before packing myself off to California to visit family (some of which I haven't seen since last July-- yaaaaaaaay!!) and my soon-to-be-glowing bridesmaid (congratulations [ profile] blueangelrock!!! Squeee!!!).

Hopefully I'll find enough time to draw a little-- perhaps on the plane. If I'm not, y'know, sleep deprived into unconciousness. ;)
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Graaaaaah~! The only thing keeping me from getting completely stressed out about wedding planning is the fact that at the end of the years worth of planning, there will be a fantastic party that I'll hardly remember and I'll get to take [ profile] nalroth home with me. For keeps.

At the same time, discovering that the bridesmaids dresses you fell in love with on the computer weren't that fantastic in real life, then discovering the perfect color in another designer, but then finding out they only have four dress styles in said perfect hue, then discovering another designer that had the most gorgeous dresses (ask [ profile] girlie47) only to discover their color swatches were horrendous.... I have decided that the bridal party will be naked. The end.

This comic is also pretty relevant. ;)

Onward, to the dress shop to beg more swatches and then onto the florist!
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So, in a random flurry of Wedding Planning activity, [ profile] nalroth and I drove out to visit Breaux Vineyards and Veramar Vineyard. This brings our total of places visited to 7-- Woodend, the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Tarara, Breaux, Veramar and the Briar Patch B&B. After today we have an overwhelming first choice, and two very close runner ups!

First Choice: Breaux Vineyards. Don't let the awful website fool you-- it's beautiful! Absolutely fantastic, pretty much exactly what we were hoping to find. The downside? Expeeeeeeeeeeeensive. But, hey, it's a once-in-a-lifetime party. ;)

Second + Third: Woodend Audubon Sanctuary and the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Both places are great, and a little more reasonably priced. We didn't really get any good pictures of Woodend, but the website gives a pretty good idea.

So, next on the list is establishing exact dates and timetables... and next weekend I have not one, but two appointments for dress shopping! ZOOOOOOOOOMG we're getting married!!! XD
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Wow, I'm downright loquacious this week! I finally got a bulk of the pictures [ profile] nalroth and I had taken put up on flicker, which can be viewed by clicking the appropriate image:

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA

The Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast, Middleburg, VA

More to follow, as this Sunday is a visit to Tarara Winery!
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[ profile] nalroth and I had a wonderful adventure checking out the Briar Patch B&B out in Middleburg. As a potential wedding location, I think it's safe to say they impressed both of us. Of course, this is the first place we've gone to and actually gotten a 'wedding tour'. n__n;;

It really had a lot of the qualities we were looking for-- close enough to the rest of NOVA that transportation isn't a huge concern (versus driving an hour into Maryland, which is where the majority of our other potential sites are) and getting there is pretty convenient. It's a very scenic, quaint, and peaceful little place, with several different acceptable ceremony sites and complete with a newly remodeled and absolutely gorgeous indoor reception facility.

[ profile] nalroth and I spent probably an hour with the proprietor, a wonderful, warm, and very laid back lady who showed us just about every inch of the B&B and grounds, and even dropped 3-4 entire wedding albums into our laps so we could see what the dozens of other couples who'd been married there had done.

Afterwards we drove the remaining mile or two out to Middleburg itself, and had a splendid time eating lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall Olde Country Store, and then wandered the main thoroughfare nibbling on chocolates and ice cream. Mmm... butter pecan.

Pictures may be forthcoming, as [ profile] nalroth was kind enough to take on camera duty as I was busy gawking. ;) Next week: Tarara Winery!

In unrelated news, I'm contemplating changing my LJ username. [ profile] skkyechan kind of seems like it doesn't fit anymore-- though I hope to keep the happy-go-lucky outlook on life I had when I created it, I'm no longer the innocent, cutesy, chibi-Kris. Plus, everyone else has such great usernames, I've got username-envy. ;D


Apr. 6th, 2007 03:39 pm
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... Dude! [ profile] nalroth and I are getting married! Is it a sad sign of my fatigued and overworked mental state that I've only just now shifted from 'ZOMG, we're engaged!!' to 'ZOMG, we're getting married!!'? Perhaps it's because I took time on my half-day off to go get measurements taken for my little sister's wedding (yay bridesmaid dresses!) and for the first time in my life stepped into a bridal store. There I was, admiring the dresses while waiting for the proprietor, when it hit me-- OMG, I'm looking for my wedding gown! I'm surprised the resulting internal 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' didn't cause an EMP that shut down the entire Eastern Seaboard. ;)

So, yeah. In related news, who knew I had a 37 inch bust? I blame the bra. ;)


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