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So, lots of stuff going on in life, and I finally have the time and inclination to update about it. Like the fact that I'm writing this from a shiny new MacBook Pro I've been given total control over (muwaaaaahahahahahaha!) for work, the fact that I went from Dulles to Raleigh to Dulles to San Diego, and especially the fact that I just had a lovely lunch with a very, very dear friend of mine (w00t, GB! Thanks again!) and that I'm currently surfing the web from my very own room in the Marriott Harborside, with a view of the San Diego harbor and music/delighted shouts of little kids floating up to my window (on the 12th floor!). Now, if only I didn't have to work on a stupid presentation!

Anyway, yes, I have arrived safely in San Diego for my first business trip EVAR. I feel all growed up now. I also feel distinctly sleep-deprived, and am currently debating whether it would be wise or foolish to take a nap before tackling the refining of my powerpoint for tomorrow. Seeing as I'm sure half of these sentences make no sense, I'm leaning towards 'wiser'.

Miss everybody-- I need to schedule some serious hang-out time when I get back! Wall-E anybody? :)
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My long-weekend trip back home to California started off really well-- getting a manicure/pedicure with Mom and Brea (and actually enjoying it!) and sushi to celebrate Brea's (my Matron of Honor) passage from 1/2 [ profile] jakethrash's ([ profile] nalroth's Best Man) age to 1/2 - 1 year. The next day, though cloudy, was full of enjoyment with a trip to the Strawberry Festival (which I hadn't been to in years--yay!) and a (rather fruitless) shopping trip to San Luis. Sunday was fantastic again as I got to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for the first time since Brea's wedding last July. Fantastic middle-Eastern food was had (that's what you get when you have an ex-Syrian Uncle!) and great company was enjoyed. Monday was filled with fruitful shopping (I can has dresses!), make-it-yourself frozen yogurt, a trip to the beach and a lovely dinner at Klondikes with [ profile] blueangelrock (so pretty!) and [ profile] _phaedrus_ (always a pleasure!).

Fantastic, relaxing, wonderful weekend was then ruined when I missed my flight from San Luis to LAX, thereby dooming myself to a day of stress and a red-eye flight that landed me safely home (and into a very sleepy [ profile] nalroth's arms) at 5:35 Wednesday morning. I still haven't recovered!

The rest of the week was a blur of work and mild stress.. I can't help but worry for [ profile] nalroth on Monday, and I really appreciate all the people who've been supportive of the both of us with comments and hugs. Depending on what time they kick me out Monday night, I may try to cobble people together for dinner and something low key-- if anyone's available and interested, that is. If not, fuzz therapy will be provided by Enki and Freyja.

As much fun as it was to bask in the golden glow of California (and gorge myself on Okui's strawberries and Picking Barn pie... *bliss*) I missed everyone out here-- I hope to see you guys sometime soon!
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So, Mom is safe and sound and back in California. She had a wonderful time meeting everyone at dinner, and seems to feel a lot better about me being way out here by my 'onesies'.

Good god, we did a lot while she was here. We visited a total of four bridal boutiques (none of which would let me take any pictures!! Drat!), tried on at least two dozen dresses, visited each of the top 3 wedding locations, and generally drove all over Virginia and Maryland. On a high note, I saw my first Bald Eagle en route to Mary's Bridal in Annapolis (yes, Annapolis-- I didn't realize how far away it was when I made the appointment) and nearly got into an accident because of it. Yay for (relatively) sparsely populated freeways at 10:30 in the morning!

So, now back to regular life. The condo feels empty without my Mom-- [ profile] nalroth even thinks so!

And, to wrap up: Metaphysics Meme )
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Lots of stuff has been happening over the past month-- too long to put into any coherant type of post, so I'll stick with a bulleted format.

*Best Buy jacked me out of insurance. How, you say? Well, my direct manager and I both thought I was a full-time employee... I was working full-time hours, and she had asked the higher management to switch me from part-time Computers to full-time Inventory. After many cheerful, if tiring, months slaving away moving boxes and filling out paperwork (go receiving!), I reach the point where I'm eligible to enroll in health insurance-- at which point, through my investigation as to how one actually enrolls, I discover "Oh, wait.... shouldn't that line read 'full time', not 'part-time'?" So, my manager talks to the higher management and tries to fix that problem (since we both figured it was just a clerical error, and fixing that would be the first step to retroactively changing my status so I would, technically, be eligible). The higher management's response? "You don't have a full time position open in your department. Make one, and then we'll switch her." Nevermind that I'd been dutifully laboring the past three months without knowledge of this! Long story short, I started looking for other means of gainful employment.

*Gainful employment found! I spent all day Sunday on, and stumbled upon an opening for a veterinary technician... no experience required! So, I say to myself: "Self, you've got 4 years of hardcore laboratory experience through school... You've volunteered in wildlife rescue. You've owned pets. You're very good at dealing with people, and pick up topics very quickly. What the heck-- why not?" I send in a hastily-updated resume, shrug, and go to bed. The next day I get a call-back, a phone-interview, and an appointment for an interview with the Field Director the next day. I was sure the Field Director wasn't interested in me, as he spent about 8 minutes questioning me and another 20 just blabbering about the practice... but lo and behold, after the blabbering (where I dutifully managed to keep my eyes unglazed), he asked me when I could come back for an interview with the vet! So, Thursday morning (bright and early) I meet the vet, chat with him, and walk away with a drug-test form and a start date just 10 days away! Meep!

*Back at Best Buy, I break the news to my manager and my supervisor-- both of which I really respect and like. Since my hours at Banfield (the Pet Hospital) are only four days a week, we strike a deal where I come in on one of the days off-- which gives me a safety net incase I faint at the sight of blood, and I also get to hold onto my Crazy Best Buy Discount (tm) a little while longer. The fates are against me, though-- during the last hour of my last day of pseudo-full time employment, I trip over a pallet jack and royally tweak my ankle. I'm finally going to the doctor today, because after three weeks it's still a little swollen and hurts like a mother.

*So... I work the week of 1/15 normal hours, M-F. I came in for some training at Banfield on Saturday, 1/20. We have a surprise Best Buy meeting (at 8 in the morning) on Sunday 1/21. Then I have training with Banfield Monday to Friday... We open Saturday, and because it's grand-opening weekend, we open Sunday as well. Then we work Banfield on Monday, I worked Best Buy on Tuesday, then Banfield Wed, Thur... Oh, guess what? Because it's the Field Trainer's last day, the Field Director wants us to come in on our day off, Friday. Hah! So I work Friday as well. Saturday was the 20th day in a row I worked-- and finally, on Sunday I rested. And then worked Mon-Thur again.

It's a pretty crazy schedule at Banfield... we're there at 8:30 to open at 9, and then we're there 'till close at 6, sometimes a little after if a pet parent is late picking their baby up, or if cleaning the hospital takes a little longer.

In other cool news? [ profile] nalroth and I are on the search for fuzzballs... We're going to the Fancy Cats adoption fair this Sunday! Squeeeeee~!
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Wow... it's been a while since my last post. A lot of nothing has happened inbetween... I'm still at Best Buy, though I've now switched from Computers sales rep to Inventory specialist in charge of all receiving. I like it-- a lot more deskwork, with a healthy dose of heavy lifting to balance out the increased chair-time. I no longer leave work exhausted and frazzled, but I'm definitely getting some nice toning. Add to that a fixed M-F 9-5 schedule and a raise, and I'm set!

Still on the lookout for a more permanent job, though. I've been scanning a lot of the government hiring sites and keeping my eyes open. The good thing about this area is there are a lot of biology jobs. The bad thing is they're all very high-level... I've only seen one or two openings as low as GS-7/9, and that would be a stretch for me. I'm hoping to get into a good internship (*crosses her fingers for the EPA*) when Spring rolls around... but given how I'm dealing with BB, I may just end up taking a secretary-type job at one of the branches just to get my foot in the door.

In other, more exciting news, [ profile] nalroth has decided to completely forego renting in favor for looking at a house to buy... So, my nesting instincts are in full swing. [ profile] safetypup's place is getting somewhat crowded, so we've got a hopeful deadline of 'January' to be in a place of our own. We've been having a bit of trouble getting our hands on a good realtor-- but we've got a name and [ profile] nalroth will probably get the ball rolling tomorrow.

Mmm... lessee... Oh! [ profile] nalroth and I have settled into a nice pattern of social activities... Every Monday we have Heroes night at [ profile] syntart and [ profile] wbennetti's place (which is absolutely loverly!).. Now that is an amazing show, and is worth a post of it's own later on. Every other Tuesday is our D&D game with [ profile] jakethrash... I'm slowly picking things up there. We also have tons of fun events scattered throughout the week, be it Happy Hour at Tavern on the Lake, or games at random houses-- plus, with this group of friends, there's always a party or two planned. ;) It's a very new experience for me, and I enjoy it greatly. So many awesome people, so many things to do that I'm actually interested in. Very, very cool.

Oh! And after weeks of contemplation and urgings from many different groups of friends, I finally took the leap and got a trial version of World of Warcraft... It's safe to say it now owns my soul. ;) But more on that later as well. Off to bed for me, since I must again rise before the sun tomorrow! Hi Ho!
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[ profile] nalroth and I have made it safely to Eastern time, and within the next two days will hopefully make it just as safely back home to Virginia!

Things of note:
* Texans can't drive. Period.
* Graceland is.. interesting.
* We got the hotel room 214 (which is also Valentine's Day) two out of three hotels. The hotel we had last night was 226-- I think it's 'cause we actually paid the pet deposit rather than sneaking in the ratty boys, which caused us to get thrown off. ;)
* [ profile] nalroth and I make an awesome cross-country driving team-- we totally could have been in VA by now, save that we wanted to visit Brenn in OK and my uncle in WV.

Anyway, this is just a barebones update reassuring you ECers that I'm returning your precious [ profile] nalroth, safe and sound, within the next few days. Well.. actually, we haven't gotten past my uncle yet.. that might affect the 'safe and sound' part. ;) Pictures soon!
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It's been a little while since I posted updates of any real meaningfulness... And I don't intend to break that precedent! Hee!

Classes are.. well, they're going. I have a midterm next week already. e__e And more homework than I care for-- how did I manage this as an undergrad? Ah, well-- it's getting requisites out of the way, and I actually enjoy Raptor Biology. Ooh, speaking of raptors-- my first day of volunteering is tomorrow! Squee! I just hope I don't end up with West Nile or something. ;)

Although this quarter is going far, far better than last quarter, I'm still wrestling with so much. In addition to classwork there's a ten-page prospectus for my potential research due at the end of the quarter... and seeing as I haven't really finalized what I want to do, that could be tricksy indeed. I'm also being at least partially paid off an NSF grant of Motani-san's that I haven't done a lick of work for-- granted, he hasn't been particularly concerned about it (heck, he hasn't even given me any direction on what I'm supposed to be doing for it!), I feel too much like a freeloader. I'd much rather simply TA for my bread-- I really do wish I could get involved in some teaching. Perhaps I'll try to weave together my random notes on a potential paleo lab class into something more cohesive.

Oh! I have Skype now-- IM or e-mail me for my Skype name, I'd love to chat! [ profile] nalroth and I have also captured title of Uber-Nerd Couple, as we've made characters on a MU* together.

Hmm... I'm definitely still healing from summer/fall, and it's going far slower than I like... It always makes me sad to think how a year or two ago I would have found life so full, so bright, so good-- while now, sometimes it just seems so empty and... well, pointless. Maybe I'm just more goal-oriented than I thought? n__n;;
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Life is good-- so good, in fact, I've been meaning to update for days and I've been too busy to do so! I'm afraid this will have to be a sketchy one-- I'm tired, and [ profile] nalroth has already chided me for staying up late. So, I'll spare you guys the epic novel and give you bits and peices.

[ profile] d1ucb4u and Pete are so awesome!! I was supposed to go visit them over Christmas break, but didn't (I'm a horrible, horrible person!)-- and so what do they do? They mail me Christmas presents they didn't have to get me in the first place! No fair, I reply, as their presents from me are far too fragile to mail. I can now sip my coffee in style, and I have the cutest little KrisMoose beanie-baby type thing to keep me feelin' the Christmas cheer all year long! Oh!! In addition came a burned CD with two media files I'd lost on Fizzgig-- one of which is the source for my new icon. It's here-- audio is a must!! It takes a little while to load, but it's well worth it.

Oh! In other news, classes are going fairly well. I'm so excited about Raptor Biology-- in fact you'll probably be bombarded with little factlets here and there for the next ten weeks or so. ;) Isotope Geochemistry is promising, but still a little droll. Not nearly as droll as my Stratigraphic Processes class, though-- especially since the material has nothing to do with stratigraphy as far as I can tell. e__e

Double-Oh! In other news-- after going to my Raptor Bio professor's office hours I learned of an informational meeting tonight at the local raptor rehabilitation center. I succesfully navigated my way past trains, over shaky terrain, and through the pitch-black of night to make it to the volunteer info session-- and have committed to volunteering at least four hours a week for the next quarter! The head honcho seems pretty neat-- he's gruff, and no-nonsense, but he also has a quiet charisma that makes you respect him for it. Hopefully he'll be able to schedule me in-- I really only have Wednesday open for volunteering. If all goes well I may start handling large birds of prey next week! Squeeeeeeeeee~! [ profile] zhai, are you sure you don't want to move to Davis? :>

Anywho, hope everyone has a safe Friday the 13th-- first one of 2006!

Home again

Jan. 9th, 2006 07:27 pm
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Back, safe and sound and mostly in one peice, in Davis. The usual funk resulting from leaving [ profile] nalroth's side is currently compounded by a nasty, unidentified illness that is busy slamming me into a wall. =__= Luckily (or, perhaps, unluckily) it seems to be containing itself in my head and upper chest. My nose and throat are sore, but what's really bothersome are my ears and my upper chest (which ache). I was hoping it was just exhaustion, and that sleeping and drinking lots of water would make me feel better.. so far no good, so if things don't shape up tomorrow it's off to the student health center. :P I hate going to the doctor's. >__<

Despite the physical/emotional distress, today was fairly good. I started off feeling rather overwhelmed, but I knocked some things off the list which just about instantly made me feel better. I'm still trying to figure out my class list-- right now I'm taking a writing seminar (Gel 298), a geochemistry seminar (Gel 206), a geochemistry class (Gel 146), and a class on raptor biology (AVS 115). I may or may not pick up another class on phylogeny (bleargh)-- it depends on whether or not there's a schedule conflict and if I've got workload issues.

I also chatted with Motani-san today-- I'm going to try and chat with him every few days or so, or at least once a week. Communicating with your advisor is a good thing, boys and girls. ;) Not only does it mean you get advice and direction, but it makes sure you don't just slack off. Tentative plans for using x-ray cinematography seem to be stalled, perhaps permanently-- the level of irradiation the animal subjects would experience means they'd have to be euthanized. As interesting and useful as it would be to have the kind of information that type of equipment can give, I have a hard time justifying the destruction of innocent animals for the sole purpose of my research. Motani-san and I will be putting our heads together and trying to think of alternative ways to record bone movement in living animals-- stay tuned. ;)

Oof. I'm getting all sleepy and fuzzy-headed.. I'd best get started on the homework (it's second week, and we've got homework already??) due tomorrow and then get as much sleep as I can. Hope everyone's having fun!! Especially all my new friends on the EC. ;D
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My adventures in [ profile] nalroth land continue!

Tuesday, Jan 3 )
Wednesday, Jan 4 )
Thursday, Jan 5 )

Overall, such wonderful experiences! Everyone I've met here is so friendly, so awesome... I'm really loathe to leave and miss out on more fun and shennanigans, but I should be back somewhat frequently, and I'll be out here all summer if all goes well.

And now it's time for me to fetch the clothes from the dryer, freshen up, and save [ profile] nalroth from the evil cluthes of work! I'm coming, my darling! ;D
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Of which I've had so many! I've been doing a horrible job chronicling them, that's for sure-- especially when [ profile] nalroth has been doing so many wonderful things that deserve to be recognized, because he's the best boyfriend EVAR.

Wednesday, December 28th )
Thursday, December 29 )
Friday, December 30 )
Saturday, December 31 )
Sunday, January 1 )
Monday, January 2 )

Phew. Well, that took all morning, just about.
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... The more uncomfortable I feel!!

I randomly started getting in touch with old friends on, thanks mostly to the fact that both [ profile] blueangelrock and [ profile] definexistance are there. I've noticed that different areas tend to utilize different blogs-- UCLA was very into, whereas [ profile] zhai and co got into LJ, while people from AG appear to have taken to This means I have far too many blogs in far too many places, but I only update this one (and infrequently at that), so it's all good.

Anyway, this has caused some interesting moments for me. It's very bizarre to reestablish contact with people whom you thought very highly of, but didn't hang out with often (which I think was the case with my friend Robyn-- I actually regard him very fondly, but he and I haven't really spoken since highschool), or people who were very close to me but we drifted apart (like my best friend Lacey-- who's birthday is fast approaching!), to, unfortunately, those who I was very fond of that don't seem to care about getting back in touch. I think it's the latter that makes me the most introspective, and sad.

I think it always comes as a shock when someone you have such fond memories of, such an attachment to (even if it's from years ago), doesn't seem to have treasured that attachment as much. It makes me wonder why-- did I do something? Or am I just a paranoid, and really it's just a natural effect of the passage of time and distance? Mrr...
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There's so many people who read this LJ, and I barely update it. Especially considering how some are too busy to respond to e-mails *cough*Peter!*cough-cough*, I figure I'll make an attempt to update about random, non-angsty events in my life.

So... this is the last week of instruction for the Fall quarter. Final's week is technically next week-- however, I am final-less, so I get off scott-free. Well, almost. I have to do a final project for phylogeny (nooooooooooo~!), with a short powerpoint presentation on Thursday and a paper due sometime next week. Dr. Carlson said not to fret about it-- basically we're just supposed to find some aspect of phylogeny we want to explore further, play around with it, and write on that. Most of the class has been focused more on reading and the philosophy behind the discipline rather than the actual how-to's. Since I've never touched phylogeny before, I figured it'd behoove me to spend this project trying to learn how to run the silly programs. My subject species? Pokemon! :D I figured I'd compare the Fire starter pokemon Charmander, Cyndaquil, and Torchic, with Bulbasaur and Squirtle as outgroups. So far I've gone through 75 characters, three systematics programs, and a whoooooooole bunch of patience and I'm still not getting very far. I'm going to try again tomorrow, and really buckle down and focus on getting it done. Well, at least the basic formation of trees and analysis of character distribution and the like. *sigh*

In other news my fellow labmate Jess and I are in charge of organizing the entertainment for the departmental Holiday Party. Meep! So far we have three skit ideas (with another running gag suggested by another grad student), but no volunteers! I'm hoping everyone's just busy with AGU (some straight-geo conference everyone's been fretting over)... 'Cause I sure don't want to be the only one on stage! o__o;;

Mm... In not-school news (*gasp!*), I will soon be in possession of a futon! Huzzah! I currently have no seating in my living room, so this will be a very welcome addition. Not to mention it gives something other than my bed and an aerobed for visitors to sleep on. Oh! Speaking of visiting... I'll be back down in the LA area from Dec 18 'till Dec 28, at which point in time I will jump on a plane and visit [ profile] nalroth and stay 'till past New Years. This will be my first New Years away from home! And with someone I truly, truly love. <3

Okay... enough updating. Hope everything's going well for everybody!
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The title serves well, and in multiple ways. :>

[ profile] nalroth is here with me-- that makes life all-better good now. I've also been blessed by getting tons of love and affection for my birthday (gack, I'm 23 now.. I'm ancient! *dies*).

A longer update will have to wait until I'm pining for my love again-- which should be Sunday. ;__; Just know that all is well, so far [ profile] nalroth has a 100% approval rating from everyone I've introduced him to, and I'm starting to feel like a human being again. Mind you, I said starting. But, considering how things have been for the past three months, I'll take that.



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