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Hey all! The loverly [ profile] xgreenjudasx got involved in the Browncoats: Redemption fan-film for charity, and has dragged a few of us along for the ride. [ profile] ancient_youth and I will be film extras next weekend (bar brawl, bar brawl, whee!), but it turns out they need a few more... )
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My coworker is awesome. Speakers required, and potentially NSFW.
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We just finished the First Ever CBOL Peep Joust in my coworker's microwave. I love this place. n__n
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... and found something that will tickle many people here.

No, it's not another Lolcat.. )

I love deviantArt.
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I stumbled on a Fizzgig Cat! )

I must have it!
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Nickelback takes it one step further!


I have returned alive and well from the Bahamas! As soon as I crop them there will be pictures of mostly-naked women, beautiful blue skies and Daiquiris of Doom (tm)!
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To bento, or not to bento? That is the question.
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ZOMG, I found it! XD

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I really miss a lot of the crazy cartoons from the 80's-- there's just nothing like the random geeky premises. You just don't get cartoons like this nowadays!
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While doing research on memes and internet fads for my final project (yes, you read that right), I stumbled upon this gem:

[ profile] d1ucb4u, I hope you pass this on to Pete! XD
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[Poll #688370]

Edit: I can probably photoshop a shirt on Patrick in the 'Davis Kiss' picture. ;)
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Another LJ post? But I've already updated umpteen times this week!


Yup, there's a midterm I should be studying for.

In other silliness, it has begun! )
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Silliness Here.

My labmate, Ji-Yeon, correctly assessed that this is how she, Alec and I feel before our Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry midterm this Thursday.


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