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It's been a little while since I posted updates of any real meaningfulness... And I don't intend to break that precedent! Hee!

Classes are.. well, they're going. I have a midterm next week already. e__e And more homework than I care for-- how did I manage this as an undergrad? Ah, well-- it's getting requisites out of the way, and I actually enjoy Raptor Biology. Ooh, speaking of raptors-- my first day of volunteering is tomorrow! Squee! I just hope I don't end up with West Nile or something. ;)

Although this quarter is going far, far better than last quarter, I'm still wrestling with so much. In addition to classwork there's a ten-page prospectus for my potential research due at the end of the quarter... and seeing as I haven't really finalized what I want to do, that could be tricksy indeed. I'm also being at least partially paid off an NSF grant of Motani-san's that I haven't done a lick of work for-- granted, he hasn't been particularly concerned about it (heck, he hasn't even given me any direction on what I'm supposed to be doing for it!), I feel too much like a freeloader. I'd much rather simply TA for my bread-- I really do wish I could get involved in some teaching. Perhaps I'll try to weave together my random notes on a potential paleo lab class into something more cohesive.

Oh! I have Skype now-- IM or e-mail me for my Skype name, I'd love to chat! [ profile] nalroth and I have also captured title of Uber-Nerd Couple, as we've made characters on a MU* together.

Hmm... I'm definitely still healing from summer/fall, and it's going far slower than I like... It always makes me sad to think how a year or two ago I would have found life so full, so bright, so good-- while now, sometimes it just seems so empty and... well, pointless. Maybe I'm just more goal-oriented than I thought? n__n;;
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Life is good-- so good, in fact, I've been meaning to update for days and I've been too busy to do so! I'm afraid this will have to be a sketchy one-- I'm tired, and [ profile] nalroth has already chided me for staying up late. So, I'll spare you guys the epic novel and give you bits and peices.

[ profile] d1ucb4u and Pete are so awesome!! I was supposed to go visit them over Christmas break, but didn't (I'm a horrible, horrible person!)-- and so what do they do? They mail me Christmas presents they didn't have to get me in the first place! No fair, I reply, as their presents from me are far too fragile to mail. I can now sip my coffee in style, and I have the cutest little KrisMoose beanie-baby type thing to keep me feelin' the Christmas cheer all year long! Oh!! In addition came a burned CD with two media files I'd lost on Fizzgig-- one of which is the source for my new icon. It's here-- audio is a must!! It takes a little while to load, but it's well worth it.

Oh! In other news, classes are going fairly well. I'm so excited about Raptor Biology-- in fact you'll probably be bombarded with little factlets here and there for the next ten weeks or so. ;) Isotope Geochemistry is promising, but still a little droll. Not nearly as droll as my Stratigraphic Processes class, though-- especially since the material has nothing to do with stratigraphy as far as I can tell. e__e

Double-Oh! In other news-- after going to my Raptor Bio professor's office hours I learned of an informational meeting tonight at the local raptor rehabilitation center. I succesfully navigated my way past trains, over shaky terrain, and through the pitch-black of night to make it to the volunteer info session-- and have committed to volunteering at least four hours a week for the next quarter! The head honcho seems pretty neat-- he's gruff, and no-nonsense, but he also has a quiet charisma that makes you respect him for it. Hopefully he'll be able to schedule me in-- I really only have Wednesday open for volunteering. If all goes well I may start handling large birds of prey next week! Squeeeeeeeeee~! [ profile] zhai, are you sure you don't want to move to Davis? :>

Anywho, hope everyone has a safe Friday the 13th-- first one of 2006!


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