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And on top of everything else...

Oct 3, 2004- Oct 28, 2005
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Synopsis of the most exciting things that occured to me today:

*Near-death experience on the freeway (or, why you slam on your brakes when someone in front of you runs over a strip of tire)
*Experiments in Pumpkin Soup making
*Having a really edifying chat with Kyle on II Tim 2
*My new baby!

Seeing as I'd rescued my betta vase from Mom, who had held it hostage since poor lil' Xerxes died, I decided it was time to jinx another fish. Sooooo, since I was in Valencia, which is where I got Xerxes a little over a year ago, I decided to pick up a betta today. Several hours of agonizing decision making (I didn't think Kyle would survive.. ;) ), Nebuchadnezzar is happily swimming around, investigating his new home. He's a bit more high-strung than Xerxes, but that may be because he's younger (I'm assuming, since he was one of the smallest males and his tail lacked the seperations and raggedy edges of the others). I'm trying to teach him the Xerxes-game (where I'd come up and point my finger at him, and he'd come and puff up and 'chase' me off). Whereas Xerxes had been this gorgeous blue/teal/purple, Nebby is a brilliant red with tan and white flecks on some of his body scales. I usually don't care for the red ones, but all the blue ones reminded me of Xerxes, and this little boy just seemed to remind me of his namesake. So-- here's hoping he'll be deing a bit better than his predecessor. I'm using Pathos in the vase, rather than the plant I had last time, which I hope will be all right.


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