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Hey all! The loverly [ profile] xgreenjudasx got involved in the Browncoats: Redemption fan-film for charity, and has dragged a few of us along for the ride. [ profile] ancient_youth and I will be film extras next weekend (bar brawl, bar brawl, whee!), but it turns out they need a few more... )
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... a day of working from home, and a burning desire to create a snow-something leads to silliness. )

I blame an entire snow-devoid childhood's worth of yearnings. And, damn, snow is cold!!
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At least, that's what I keep telling myself, and I keep getting away with it, so..

The time has come to bid farewell to my beloved California plates, and to register Delilah officially to the land of cold... *sniffle!* But I'll be damned if I move her to VA without taking advantage of the super-low priced specialty license plates! The only downside is... I can't make a decision. n__n;; Soooo... what do you guys think?

Long list of random license plates.. )
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Huzzah! My brother-in-law just created what appears to be a photo-blog here. This is of particular interest to those of you who like my main LJ-icon.

Speaking of pretty shiny photos and things, I hope to post some pictures of our freshly-painted walls this weekend.
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So, for those of you who'd like to join [ profile] nalroth and I in our craziness, here's a general game plan for the weekend.

The tentative plan... )

As a note, we'd love to see anybody at (nearly) any point this weekend, for whatever amount of time you feel like being here. Sadly, however, since our place is rather small and will be crowded with displaced furniture, boxes, cats, teddy bear collections, etc, we'll probably only have just enough room for working bodies--this is probably not a great time for observers and the generally curious to come by. [ profile] nalroth and I will arrange some other, here-to-fore unspecified event so that everyone who wants to see our place, molest our kitties, jam on our plastic instrument-shaped controllers, or just hang out, can.
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... I am now officially Mrs. [ profile] nalroth. Squee! More in-depth recounting of wedding day madness and coolness forthcoming-- in the meantime, just have to give a huge Thank You to those who could make it, and to note that we missed those that couldn't.

Love to all!
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I don't know what's causing it, but the past few days I've just been filled with--okay, this'll sound cheesy but it's really the best way I can describe it-- positive energy. Maybe it's just the beautiful, California-like weather we've been having, but I've been more cheerful and more rested. In fact, I almost feel restive. I have a million billion different projects and things I want to do (unfortunately, always during work hours... le-sigh), and I have a case of the wiggles like you wouldn't believe. I've actually had a hard time just sitting. [ profile] nalroth and I just need to get married already so I have free time again. ;)

Speaking of which, I'm very much looking forward to this weekend. [ profile] zhai and her beau will be crashing at our place tonight, which means dinner and fun! I have a feeling that her Vasya and Smeagol are with her as well--it'll be interesting to see what Enki and Freyja think of them! Fun tomorrow-- including tentative plans for paintball, yay-- and then my beloved RenFaire on Sunday! SQUEE~! I'm hoping that they leave [ profile] nalroth and Wes not-dead enough to accompany me. Especially since Wes promised kilt-action. Ah, well-- even if not, the ever-lovely [ profile] syntart has promised to whisk me away. Scottish eggs and lewd pickle vendors, here I come! >:D

Also-- I have discovered that my Guitar Hero addiction does, in fact, bleed over to Rock Band. Hurry up, Rock Band II with your Guitar Hero-compatible instruments! I need my own copy so I can cut my teeth on 'Hard' without dragging other people with me.

P.S. I am rather vexed with my body. The more I lose weight the more it becomes apparent that I need to lose more-- stupid belly pudge is shrinking from the outside in, leaving me with the tantalizing beginning of ab and hip definition near my sides, and then resulting in a belly-bagel right in the middle! Argh!

P.P.S. I actually rather enjoy being up and out of the house before 7:00 am. There's such a quiet peace to the world, and the early morning sun bathes everything in the most beautiful light. I think that time of day always reminds me of Dad, too.
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Lots going on, but I'm barely taking notice of any of it-- I've reached this kind of zoned-out groove where I move from thing to thing kind of in a daze. I enjoy the thing in particular, and just kind of make my way in a very spacey fashion to the next. Perhaps this is my adaptive strategy for having So Much To Do. Case in point, my schedule for the past few weeks:

August 2-3: Drive to Princeton, North Carolina for [ profile] nalroth's family reunion.
August 4-8: Commute 2.5 hours a day, add in such necessities as cooking and food shopping, Belly dancing, an early-morning doctor's appointment, tasting with the Caterer out in Casanova, and then fly to San Diego.
August 9-10: Help out with friend's wedding (yaaaay!), get back to the hotel room at approximately 1:30 am after cleaning up, promptly leave hotel at 3:45 am to get to the airport and through security for my 6:00 am flight. Spend all day traveling due to various delays, get home at 5:30 pm.

This Saturday will be jam-packed... Meeting up with [ profile] girlie47 at 8:30, meeting with the florist at 9:30, final dress-fitting at 11:00, lunch, picking up my freshly-engraved wedding ring soon after, and then collecting (and maybe shipping) the bridesmaids dresses, followed by a lovely evening of cake-tasting and games with [ profile] satanya. Had to move the hair and make-up trial to Sunday morning to make up for that... and then next weekend is the bachelorette party! No sleepies for me.

And on top of all this has been just enough mental awareness for me to start pondering my next step in life. As per my last poll-post, I'm thinking of teaching. This probably means I'll be pursuing my Masters, just for flexibility's sake. I was looking into just straight-bio classes, but after a quick chat with the lovely [ profile] paleotheist, I'm very, very tempted to try to get back into Paleo (incidentally, it turns out Tom Holtz's research interests are exactly the same as mine, just for dinosaurs). Chances are I'll spend part of my honeymoon poring over research papers in preparation for contacting him.


Aug. 14th, 2008 11:37 am
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ETA to Marriage: 30 days and counting.

.. eeep!
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Brief Update: Wedding Ring Workshop was awesome! Will update later with pictures and full step-by-step commentary.

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So, lots of stuff going on in life, and I finally have the time and inclination to update about it. Like the fact that I'm writing this from a shiny new MacBook Pro I've been given total control over (muwaaaaahahahahahaha!) for work, the fact that I went from Dulles to Raleigh to Dulles to San Diego, and especially the fact that I just had a lovely lunch with a very, very dear friend of mine (w00t, GB! Thanks again!) and that I'm currently surfing the web from my very own room in the Marriott Harborside, with a view of the San Diego harbor and music/delighted shouts of little kids floating up to my window (on the 12th floor!). Now, if only I didn't have to work on a stupid presentation!

Anyway, yes, I have arrived safely in San Diego for my first business trip EVAR. I feel all growed up now. I also feel distinctly sleep-deprived, and am currently debating whether it would be wise or foolish to take a nap before tackling the refining of my powerpoint for tomorrow. Seeing as I'm sure half of these sentences make no sense, I'm leaning towards 'wiser'.

Miss everybody-- I need to schedule some serious hang-out time when I get back! Wall-E anybody? :)
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My long-weekend trip back home to California started off really well-- getting a manicure/pedicure with Mom and Brea (and actually enjoying it!) and sushi to celebrate Brea's (my Matron of Honor) passage from 1/2 [ profile] jakethrash's ([ profile] nalroth's Best Man) age to 1/2 - 1 year. The next day, though cloudy, was full of enjoyment with a trip to the Strawberry Festival (which I hadn't been to in years--yay!) and a (rather fruitless) shopping trip to San Luis. Sunday was fantastic again as I got to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for the first time since Brea's wedding last July. Fantastic middle-Eastern food was had (that's what you get when you have an ex-Syrian Uncle!) and great company was enjoyed. Monday was filled with fruitful shopping (I can has dresses!), make-it-yourself frozen yogurt, a trip to the beach and a lovely dinner at Klondikes with [ profile] blueangelrock (so pretty!) and [ profile] _phaedrus_ (always a pleasure!).

Fantastic, relaxing, wonderful weekend was then ruined when I missed my flight from San Luis to LAX, thereby dooming myself to a day of stress and a red-eye flight that landed me safely home (and into a very sleepy [ profile] nalroth's arms) at 5:35 Wednesday morning. I still haven't recovered!

The rest of the week was a blur of work and mild stress.. I can't help but worry for [ profile] nalroth on Monday, and I really appreciate all the people who've been supportive of the both of us with comments and hugs. Depending on what time they kick me out Monday night, I may try to cobble people together for dinner and something low key-- if anyone's available and interested, that is. If not, fuzz therapy will be provided by Enki and Freyja.

As much fun as it was to bask in the golden glow of California (and gorge myself on Okui's strawberries and Picking Barn pie... *bliss*) I missed everyone out here-- I hope to see you guys sometime soon!
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Phew! Finally starting to make some headway on wedding planning, and the first few tickles of real excitement are working their way through the sheer bulk of crap to get done. Eeeeee~! I'm getting married!

Thursday was bridesmaid's dress shopping with [ profile] girlie47, Saturday was an hour and a half long battle planning consultation with the florist. Probably the most exciting development to come out of that was the nailing-down of wedding colors, which lead to my finally making a decision about bridesmaid's dresses. Sunday was filling out all sorts of forms for quotes for DJs (can't we just do an iPod wedding?).

Yesterday was getting in contact with Caterer #2 (and discovering that their proposals were several thousand dollars less than our previous catering choice, though still far above what we'd budgeted) and setting up our tasting for Thursday (woo, free food!) and also tracking down our photographer for an engagement session appointment. Tomorrow will be ordering of the bridesmaids dresses and a brief respite before packing myself off to California to visit family (some of which I haven't seen since last July-- yaaaaaaaay!!) and my soon-to-be-glowing bridesmaid (congratulations [ profile] blueangelrock!!! Squeee!!!).

Hopefully I'll find enough time to draw a little-- perhaps on the plane. If I'm not, y'know, sleep deprived into unconciousness. ;)
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Graaaaaah~! The only thing keeping me from getting completely stressed out about wedding planning is the fact that at the end of the years worth of planning, there will be a fantastic party that I'll hardly remember and I'll get to take [ profile] nalroth home with me. For keeps.

At the same time, discovering that the bridesmaids dresses you fell in love with on the computer weren't that fantastic in real life, then discovering the perfect color in another designer, but then finding out they only have four dress styles in said perfect hue, then discovering another designer that had the most gorgeous dresses (ask [ profile] girlie47) only to discover their color swatches were horrendous.... I have decided that the bridal party will be naked. The end.

This comic is also pretty relevant. ;)

Onward, to the dress shop to beg more swatches and then onto the florist!


Apr. 15th, 2008 12:51 pm
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I'm not sure what it says about me that the most interesting thing to happen to this weekend was having my level 6 Jedi padawan use Move Object to hurl a droideka into a cybernetic Admiral on a CIS flagship.

In related conundrums... continue to bellydance or further my education? Dratitall!
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So, I'm taking a belly dancing class through Reston Community Center, and I've recently discovered a few Pros and Cons...

Pros: Learning belly dancing, dancing said belly off (or at least in the process of), having a legitimate reason to splurge on an 'outfit'.

Cons: Getting belly dancing music stuck in your head, and having to constantly catch yourself to keep from doing dance moves to said music in your head.

My coworkers already think I'm strange enough-- it also doesn't help that my office-mate had no idea what WoW was, has no exposure to Harry Potter, and is otherwise generally UnGeeky.

Edit: I've also just discovered there are pros and cons to where my office is in the NMNH. We're on the same floor as a couple of other initiatives, but most of the wing is taken up by the Repatriation Office.

Pro: Being three doors down from a Repatriation Ceremony in progress.
Con: Not being able to work for an hour because you're so fascinated by the sounds of singing and bell-ringing floating up the hallway.


Mar. 27th, 2008 09:13 am
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So... sick...

*shakes fist at the heavens* Curse you~! I finally get a job that I want to go to, and this is the second time in two weeks I've fallen ill! At least I haven't had to call out yet... we'll see how I feel later today. :P
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We just finished the First Ever CBOL Peep Joust in my coworker's microwave. I love this place. n__n
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I live! No, really-- I have a life, and it's keeping me from doing all the fun things (like updating livejournal) 'cause I'm too busy to do more than work, eat and sleep.

For those who haven't heard through the grapevine-- I have gained Certified Grown-Up Adult Status (you should see my new wardrobe) via my new position as program assitant for CBOL, which has been dragging me out of bed before 6 am and tacked on two hours of commute time a day for the past (going on) 3 weeks. Woo! I'm not doing anything too spiffy-- no science myself, you see. But so far my rather unique blend of knowledge and experience has made me pretty handy around the office. I am now the Photoshop/Dreamweave/"Hey, Kris, can you get this thing to turn out how I want?" Guru for at least one of my coworkers. I'm now responsible for redesigning and managing one of their websites (though, thankfully, I'm not going to have to do the technical stuff-- we have webmonkeys in Australia for that!), developing lab protocols and manuals which will be the source for barcoding techniques, and my copy-editing skills are quickly polishing themselves back up.

Way fun-- but in other news, who wants to subject themselves to 10,000 BC with me this weekend? :D C'mon, it's got large charismatic megafauna!


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