Oct. 1st, 2008 03:43 pm
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I didn't realize just how battered my confidence was until my boss tasked me with designing and producing a simple pamphlet for the e-Biosphere 09 conference and I totally froze. Both sobering and prodding-- I have much to take back.
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Anyone else ever have the experience when you just suddenly stop, and look around you with the feeling like you just woke up, and think "What the hell is going on?"?

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... The more uncomfortable I feel!!

I randomly started getting in touch with old friends on, thanks mostly to the fact that both [ profile] blueangelrock and [ profile] definexistance are there. I've noticed that different areas tend to utilize different blogs-- UCLA was very into, whereas [ profile] zhai and co got into LJ, while people from AG appear to have taken to This means I have far too many blogs in far too many places, but I only update this one (and infrequently at that), so it's all good.

Anyway, this has caused some interesting moments for me. It's very bizarre to reestablish contact with people whom you thought very highly of, but didn't hang out with often (which I think was the case with my friend Robyn-- I actually regard him very fondly, but he and I haven't really spoken since highschool), or people who were very close to me but we drifted apart (like my best friend Lacey-- who's birthday is fast approaching!), to, unfortunately, those who I was very fond of that don't seem to care about getting back in touch. I think it's the latter that makes me the most introspective, and sad.

I think it always comes as a shock when someone you have such fond memories of, such an attachment to (even if it's from years ago), doesn't seem to have treasured that attachment as much. It makes me wonder why-- did I do something? Or am I just a paranoid, and really it's just a natural effect of the passage of time and distance? Mrr...


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