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Huzzah! My brother-in-law just created what appears to be a photo-blog here. This is of particular interest to those of you who like my main LJ-icon.

Speaking of pretty shiny photos and things, I hope to post some pictures of our freshly-painted walls this weekend.
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Alright, time to show off a little. For those in need of a break from work, check out my brother-in-law's absolutely stunning photography. He and my sister are going to have talented little babies! Hopefully very, very far in the future. ;D

Not only is this little portfolio a great way to show off his art-- it's a great way to show off my hometown since over 2/3 of his photographs are 'local'. He does such a fabulous job capturing the light and look and feel that whenever I look at his work I feel hugely proud, followed by a good-chunk homesick (and maybe just a liiiiiittle bit jealous). If I was just a little more into surf photography I'd have the walls of the condo plastered with these pictures!
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Well, the photographer has a few teaser-pictures of Brea and Chris's wedding that [ profile] nalroth and I went to last Friday. Take a peek.

(This study-break post brought to you by the fact I have three tests tomorrow, most of which I'm woefully unprepared for. Meep!)
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Mom's (understandably) having a hard time with Dad being gone... and I'm having a hard time being so far away! So, even though I'm flying out for Brea's wedding next week, I've gotten the urge to send Mom a care package... Problem is, I'd love to fill it with neat things from this area that will help comfort, calm (because both she and my sister are just about worn to a frazzle with her wedding preparations!), and indulge, but I don't really know where to find anything!

So-- enter you guys! Any recommendations for neat things from local places (that travel well!), or perhaps just suggestions in what to generally send in the care package?


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