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... and the only cure is-- Christmas music!

It's that time of year, and I find myself woefully lacking in the appropriate tunes! I'm not going to subject [ profile] nalroth to endless rounds of 'A Very Rosie (as in, O'Donnell) Christmas', and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, though badass, also just doesn't have the right tone. I love me some ol' fashioned carols, and the newer stuff-- which is where you guys come in! What songs/CDs can you recommend?

Also, quick update on the interview last Friday-- I was nervous. No, I mean, really, really nervous. Like, so nervous at one point in time the director asked me "So, what are you like when you're not nervous?" *head-desk* But, he still seemed rather interested in me, was absolutely delighted that I'd spent my off-time working on picking up some 1337 web developing skillz, and spent a large amount of time talking about the benefits of working there-- from Metro subsidies to lectures every Friday that he not only doesn't mind us taking time off of work to attend, but "encourages us". After spending an hour and a half with him I scooted next door to talk to the project assistant who was very sweet and closer to my age, and with whom I was much more relaxed. We chatted for a while, and I think she got a much better perspective of who I am, really (y'know, when I'm not nervous), and hopefully she can fill him in. The only downside is it's a 3 person group, and one person was out sick, so now I'm playing e-mail tag with her trying to arrange a time for us to meet-- which, I think, is what the director is waiting for before he contacts me again.

So.... I didn't get kicked out, and I didn't get a job offer-- onto the crossing of fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyeballs, and any other body part that can be crossed!
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How's Christmas in A.G.? Well, I've got a (new) 5th level Tauren Druid, and I've sent [ profile] nalroth five million text-messages. ;) But it's good to be here for my family, and see my friends.

And I have discovered, without a doubt, that being 'home for Christmas' means being with [ profile] nalroth.


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